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Open flames, red-hot cooking surfaces, and a heavily grease-laden environment combine to make the modern commercial kitchen a potentially dangerous fire hazard. Kitchen fires spread quickly and have proven to be very difficult to extinguish, making them the leading cause of structural fire.

Protecting the modern commercial kitchens in Sligo and the rest of Ireland, from the ever-present danger of cooking oil and grease fires is the reason we use The Buckeye Kitchen Mister™ System. Utilizing state of the art misting technology, the Kitchen Mister System has proven to be the most effective fixed kitchen fire extinguishing system ever developed, extinguishing potentially deadly kitchen fires fast, before they can spread.

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Buckeye Kitchen Mister System is the most effective fixed kitchen fire extinguishing system – Supply & Installation all over Ireland – Fire Prevention. Give us a call today.

Fire Safety Training Sligo – Full fire compliance | Firewise

Fire Risk Assessment Explained

  • Identify all fire hazzards.

    • All possible sources of ignition
    • Combustible materials that :
    1. are used or stored during business operations
    2. are parts of furniture or furnishings
    3. form parts of structure of fittings
    • flammable liquids and gases
    • structural features could lead to the spread of fire

  • Identify people who could be at risk

  • Eliminate, control or avoid the fire hazzards

  • Consider whether the existing fire safety provisions are adequate or need improvement

  • Record the findings

  • Prepare an Emergency Plan

  • carry out a periodic review of all the assessment.

Our Customers

  • We serve a wide range of customers - from Hotels and Restaurants to Marine and Nursing Homes, Creches, Playschools and many others in Donegal, Sligo, Leitrim and the rest of Northwest.

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